Nicole BarronsTime out in Nature

Time out in Nature

Whenever possible I take a walk in nature and love to be with trees and in the woods. It is so peaceful and calming to take time out and enjoy the peace and beauty of the trees with all their ancient wisdom. I feel very grateful to be so close to the South Downs and be able to explore so many different walks If I don’t have enough time to get out to the open countryside I make sure I visit a local park. Make time to be in nature and breathe in the fresh air, it can really help calm the mind and great to be out getting some exercise,

Loving the Winter Sea Dips

Another beautiful day to enjoy a winter dip. It really is only a dip for me rather than a swim. The cold water benefits are still there even for a short dip. I feel great afterwards and super proud of conquering the cold water !!

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